Program Information

Program Information

Three week CFI training program:

The first week will consist of prep for FOI (Fundamentals of Instruction), FIA (Flight Instructor Airplane), and the AGI (Advanced Ground Instructor). While you may not consider the AGI essential, we have found that the oral portion will prove easier and the additional fee is a nominal $50.00 for the Examiner and the knowledge test fee. The knowledge test questions for the AGI come from the same test bank as the FIA.

The second week is prep for the CFI oral portion. We encourage you to take plenty of notes and in the evening, use the study buddy system and chose another CFI candidate to review the day’s work. This will be 10 days of intensive training and review.

The third week is flight prep and review. Typically, you will be flying twice daily and in-between will be reviews. In the event you need additional flight time, we will only bill for the aircraft flight time, not the instructor. The same is true if you need to repeat a portion of the check ride. The examiner will charge an additional fee for a recheck.

Classes start promptly at 8 AM with two breaks and a 45 minute lunch break. Knowledge tests are taken at the CATS Testing Center located on the 2nd floor of our building and may be taken in the evening hours if desired with pre-approval from the Proctors.

Classes end at 5 PM, however there will be homework so plan to strictly limit any extra activities. This is a VERY intensive course so be prepared to study hard, we want you to pass the first time. If for any reason you do not pass on the 1st attempt, we will continue to work with you until you do. The only additional charge(s) would be for the CATS Testing Center and aircraft time if required.

CFI Course Knowledge Test Explanations

  • Fundamentals of Instruction: (FOI) Explains the basic principles and processes of teaching and learning
  • Flight Instructor Airplane: (FIA) A compilation of all of the tests from your previous ratings, including, Aerodynamics, Performance, Systems, Airspace, Weight and Balance, Weather, Regulations, Navigation, Maneuvers and Aeromedical Factors, A.D.M
  • Advance Ground Instructor: (AGI) To be eligible to teach ground instruction in the aeronautical knowledge areas required for any certificate or rating issued in Part 61, except Instrument, and give flight reviews and ground training for any aeronautical knowledge tests except Instrument, but not Instrument Proficiency Check
  • Instrument Ground Instructor (IGI) Teach ground instruction in aeronautical areas required for the Instrument rating to a pilot or Instrument Instructor and give the ground instruction required for an Instrument Proficiency Check and a recommendation to take the Instrument knowledge test

“Three Weeks to a Lifetime Career”