Complete CFI Training Package $7500.00 US Dollars:

Includes all ground school, 15 hours of flight instruction, initial check ride flight time and all training materials.

Complete CFII Training Package $3500.00 US Dollars:

With CFI passed ($7500.00 if initial check ride) must be Instrument current, if not current $220.00 per flight hour until reached. Includes 3 days ground for CFII and IGI knowledge tests and oral. 2 days for flight and oral prep, up to 5 hours flight time and initial check ride time is included.

  • $1000.00 deposit is required to secure your reservation ($500.00 non refundable if cancelled prior to your arrival)
  • Knowledge Test $150.00 Each
  • Check Ride Fee $600.00 Each
  • Additional Aircraft Time $169.00 Per Hour VFR $220.00 per hour IFR
  • Enrollment/Record Retention Fee $150.00